Short Term Care

We are pleased to offer a state-of-the art Short Term Care Program. The program is designed to act as a bridge between hospital and home. Its focus is to assist participants in preparing to return home safely. Our professionally certified, licensed team of therapists, in conjunction with the resident’s physician, will design customized programs and provide therapies while focusing on the resident’s health. These services are designed to enhance mobility, flexibility, and communication skills to optimize each resident’s ability to perform daily activities while maintaining his/her independence.

Smithtown Center’s aim is to restore functioning in areas of basic everyday activities such as bathing, eating, and dressing. Our staff also uses state of the art equipment and exercise to assist in increasing strength, coordination, and the ability to move with comfort. The individually tailored therapy and nutrition regimens focus on maximizing a patient’s abilitly to lead an independent life. Our Social Workers provide continuous support to both residents and their respective families, helping to maintain their social and emotional well being. Our Case Management Team works with the patient and family to ensure a safe and appropriate discharge back into the community.